Available courses

This course is an introduction to the basic beliefs of the Muslim.  

This course will introduce the hadith terminology to the beginning student.  The terms that are used by the scholars of hadith.  

This is the tafseer from the book "Important Lessons for Every Muslims" Surah 99-114

This is the conversation practice for the Arabic program using the Madinah Book Conversation Drills.

This is an unofficial placement test for the Madinah Book Series. It was personally designed for the Arabic course to determine if a student needs to start at Madinah Book 1 or Madinah Book 2.  

This is a basic Arabic conversation and grammar course using the Madinah book series used at the University of Madinah in Saudi Arabia. 

This will cover the Fiqh of Worship according to Ahmed ibn Hanbal using the book Umdat Al Fiqh by Ibn Qudaamah.