CounselingThe Al Manaarah School of Arabic and Islamic Studies free Muslim Chaplain Services division is currently preparing a Muslim Marriage Counseling course. 

This course focuses on the following aspects of Marriage for those living in Muslim minority countries:

1. Spouse Compatability

2. Marriage Contract

3. Marital Problems

4. Non-Muslim Family Law

5. Family Rights

6. Disputes and Conflict Resolution

7. Types of Divorce

8.  Communication

9. Finances

10. Polygany

11. Marriage to Non-Muslims

12. Child Custody

13. Child Support

This list is not exhaustive, but covers the majority of the topics covered in the course. If you require service, please contact Dr. Abdullah Wali-Uddin at:

Dr. Wali-Uddin completed a Muslim Chaplain course at The Academy of the Prophet's Mosque located in Madinah Saudi Arabia.